Free SCP-500 Exam Braindumps

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  • Updated On: 12-Oct-2021

The data center team requires that they be alerted if any of the servers in a remote site
go down. However, they do NOT want to receive alerts when the remote site connection
goes down. Which two configuration steps should you take within your network
management system (NMS) to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

A. set up alerts on server status
B. set up alerts on the remote connection status
C. set each of the servers as dependencies for each other
D. set up the remote connection as a dependency for each of the servers
E. set up alerts on the remote router status
Answer(s): A, D
What is an advantage of using SNMPv2c over using SNMPv1?

A. username parameter
B. get bulk command
C. get next command
D. 32 bit counters
E. authentication and encryption
Answer(s): B
Which two variables are used in the calculation of Percent Utilization? (Choose two.)

A. configured bandwidth
B. packets per second
C. buffer overruns
D. interface discards
E. bits per second
Answer(s): A, E
Due to a server crash, you had to move Orion to a new server with a new IP address.
Which two changes should you make to ensure that Orion functions properly from the
new server and IP address? (Choose two.)

A. update the access control lists (ACLs) that restrict management protocols
B. change the IP address specified in the snmpD. conf file on the Orion server
C. updates the source address for Net Flow packets exported to Orion
D. notify ARIN of the Orion server's new IP address