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  • Exam Number: 2V0-602PSE
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  • Updated On: 18-Mar-2023

A VMware vSphere 6.x Administrator sees the fol owing output in esxtop:

What does the %RDY column represent?

A. CPU Cycle Wait Percentage
B. CPU Utilization
C. CPU Ready
D. Idle CPU Percentage

Answer(s): C
The percentage of time the world was ready to run.
A world in a run queue is waiting for CPU scheduler to let it run on a PCPU. %RDY accounts
the percentage of this time. So, it is always smaller than 100%.

What three shares are available when configuring a Resource Pool? (Choose three.)

A. Custom
B. Low
C. Maximum
D. Normal
E. None

Answer(s): A, B, D

A vSphere Administrator notices that a virtual machine is performing poorly, and upon
investigation has observed the following:
What is the first step in troubleshooting this problem?

A. Shut down the virtual machine and double the amount of vCPU and RAM assigned.
B. Shut down the virtual machine and set the number of vCPU as high as possible.
C. Migrate the virtual machine to an ESXi host with more resources available.
D. Configure the virtual machine with CPU and Memory limits.

Answer(s): C

Free 2V0-602PSE Exam Questions & Answers


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