Free 2V0-642 Exam Braindumps

What can be enabled on the vSphere Distributed Switch to monitor IP packets that are passing through a distributed port group?

  1. Traffic Marking
  2. TraceFlow
  3. Traffic Filtering
  4. NetFlow

Answer(s): D

Reference: 47F5-A3B6-ADD8A919DFA0.html

Which three objects are supported for universal synchronization in a Cross-vCenter NSX deployment? (Choose three)

  1. IP Pools
  2. IP Sets
  3. L2 bridges
  4. MAC Sets
  5. Transport Zones

Answer(s): B,D,E

Explanation: 4D3DEBF2B26D.html

A customer has Cisco Nexus 1000V switches in their environment and is looking at deploying NSX
Which statement is correct?

  1. The environment must be migrated from the Nexus 1000V to vSphere Distributed Switches.
  2. The environment must be configured for VXLAN over the Nexus 1000V.
  3. The environment can use the Nexus 1000V switches for the NSX deployment.
  4. The environment must be migrated from the Nexus 1000V to vSphere Standard Switches.

Answer(s): A

Which term describes a situation where a bottleneck .s created when traffic is sent to a single device for security enforcement?

  1. security event queueing
  2. hairpinning
  3. security looping
  4. enforcement degradation

Answer(s): A

When running the NSX Control Plane in Hybrid Mode what are the minimum physical network requirements? (Choose three.)

  1. MTU 1500
  2. NSX Controller connectivity
  3. IGMP Snooping
  4. Multicast Routing with PIM
  5. Unicast L3 Routing

Answer(s): B,C,E