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Section 1: Sec One (1 to 25)
Details: Part I Leadership

The decision-making authority delegated to lower management levels depends on:

I. The situation
I . The extent of centralization or decentralization
I I. Which people in the organization have the best information
VI . The complexity of the environment in which the organization functions

A. I and I I
B. I and IV
C. I, I , and IV
D. I, I , I I, and IV

Answer(s): D
Organizational culture is comprised of:

A. Organization policy
B. Strategic plans
C. Values, norms, and assumptions shared by the organization members
D. Core competency of the organization

Answer(s): C
A leader derives her or his leadership role from:

A. Her or his experience and training
B. Acceptance of her or his direction by the folowers
C. Top management
D. Acceptance by the external customers and the public

Answer(s): B
Situational leadership is applicable when:

I. One approach does not meet every situation
I . A new person on the job requires a lot of direction
I I. A new process has been introduced
IV. The performer has mastered the task assigned

A. I and I I only

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