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C. IandIV only
D. II,IIIandIV only

Answer(s): C
Benchmarking might be defined as any of the following EXCEPT:

A. A process for rigorously measuring your performance versus the best-in-class companies.
B. A standard of excellence or achievement against which other similar things must be
measured orjudged.
C. Comparing the performance of one company to a set of standards and then to
D. The search for best industry practices that lead to superior performance.

Answer(s): C
Which of the following is the BEST method to developing materials for a training program on
the gaps in performance?

A. Secure a workshop trainer.
B. Review a record of activities.
C. Set up a one shot case study.
D. Al ocate employees for training.

Answer(s): B
In most cases, an improvement team facilitator wil NOT normally:

A. Be familiar with problem solving techniques.
B. Provide feedback to the group.
C. Function as the group leader.
D. Summarize key ideas generated by the group.

Answer(s): C
The ideal results of a quality training effort would NOT include which of the following?

A. Increased cost-of-quality results.
B. Improved working methods and morale.
C. Increased productivity and job satisfaction.
D. Reduced defects and employee turn-over.

Answer(s): A
Information that is received by upper management, is often distorted. Which of the following
actions is effective in countering this problem?

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