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When setting criteria for behavior change, behavior analysts attempt to implement the simplest mode of intervention necessary to elicit the desired outcome. As such, the identified outcome criteria should be___________.

  1. applied to ecological assessments to generalize skills.
  2. developed prior to the identified intervention.
  3. initially broad in focus with subsequent reduction to a target response.
  4. measured independent of practice effects or reactivity.

Answer(s): B

Jamie and Morgan have similar behavior challenges and similar daily schedules. A behavior analyst has spent extensive time and effort on developing and implementing Morgan's plan, which is proving to be very successful. How should the behavior analyst proceed with developing a treatment plan for Jamie?

  1. Because the behaviors are topographically similar, implementing the plan designed for Morgan would be appropriate as it is the least restrictive option.
  2. Complete a separate functional assessment and plan for Jamie.
  3. Use the same plan for both, just ensure the ecological variables correspond to the student.
  4. Do a separate functional analysis, but the same behavior supports can be applied to both students.

Answer(s): B

The use of a withdrawal design is LEAST appropriate when:

  1. evaluating an intervention for severe problem behavior.
  2. evaluating the effects of an intervention for behavior that has multiple functions.
  3. extraneous variables cannot be controlled.
  4. multiple participants are being evaluated.

Answer(s): A

When using an alternating treatments design it is important to randomly:

  1. assign participants to treatment conditions.
  2. select participants from the population of interest.
  3. order treatment conditions presented during each phase.
  4. change each criterion level.

Answer(s): C

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