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What security solution is deprecated in the 802.11 standard and should never be used in any modern WLAN deployment?

  1. Shared Key Authentication
  2. Open System Authentication
  3. CCMP
  4. AES

Answer(s): A

You are reconfiguring an AP to use the short guard interval. How long will the new guard interval duration be after the change?

  1. 800 ns
  2. 400 ns
  3. 104 ms
  4. 10 ms

Answer(s): B

What statement about the IEEE 802.11-2016 QoS facility is true?

  1. 802.11 control frames are assigned to the 802.11 EF priority queue.
  2. When the Voice queue has frames awaiting transmission, no data will be transmitted from the Best Effort queue.
  3. 802.11 QoS is achieved by giving high priority queues a statistical advantage at winning contention.
  4. Four 802.1p user priorities are mapped to eight 802.11 transmit queues.

Answer(s): C

You manage a WLAN with 100 802.11ac access points. All access points are configured to use 80 MHz channels. In a particular BSS, only 40 MHz communications are seen. What is the likely cause of this behavior?

  1. All clients implement single spatial stream radios
  2. The clients are all 802.11n STAs or lower
  3. The AP is improperly configured to use only 40 MHz of the 80 MHz allocated bandwidth
  4. The short guard interval is also enabled

Answer(s): B

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