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During the PSM installation process, Safes and a User are created.
In addition to Add Safes, Add/Update Users, Reset Users’ Passwords, and Activate Users, which authorization(s) does the Vault user installing the PSM need to enable them to be successfully created?

  1. Manage Vault File Categories
  2. Manage Server File Categories
  3. Manage Directory Mapping, Manage Server File Categories
  4. Manage Directory Mapping, Manage Vault File Categories

Answer(s): A

Your customer wants to store the Safes Data on Vault Drive D instead of Drive C.
Which file should you edit?

  1. TSparm.ini
  2. Vault.ini
  3. DBparm.ini
  4. user.ini

Answer(s): A

What must you do to prepare a Windows server for PVWA installation?

  1. In the InstallationAutomation folder, run the PVWA_Prerequisites.ps1 file as an administrator in Powershell.
  2. Install the PrivateArk client.
  3. Verify the user performing the installation is Domain Administrator and has logon access to the Vault server.
  4. Enable IPv6.

Answer(s): A

Which statement about REST API is correct? (Choose two.)

  1. When a user successfully authenticates to the Vault, an authentication token is returned.
  2. REST API Windows authentication method allows skipping the logon API by using the Windows default credentials with a Kerberos ticket.
  3. To allow High Availability, REST API can be configured to support Session Load Balancing by editing the PVConfiguration.xml and setting the AllowPVWASessionRedandancy=Yes.
  4. Each REST API call requires that a valid authentication token be provided.
  5. REST calls are directly sent to the currently active Vault using Port 1858.

Answer(s): A,D

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