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  • Updated On: 5-Dec-2022

What is an important simu-lation design consideration?

A. Ensure model Inputs align with reality
B. Use different seed values to regenerate results
C. For rare event models, minimize number of trials
D. A complex model is better than a simple model

Answer(s): A
How is the relative value of a node visualized in a sunburst?

A. Color
B. Area
C. Gradient
D. Position

Answer(s): A
What describes how nodes in a social network are similar to each other in characteristics?

A. Community clustering
B. Modularity
C. Homophily
D. Strongly tied network

Answer(s): C
What is a characteristic of stemming?

A. Reduces words of variant forms to their base forms based on a set of heuristics
B. Can be performed by calling the stemming!) function on a lemma in NLTK
C. Can be performed by calling the stemming() function on a synset in NLTK
D. Reduces words of variant forms to their base forms based on a dictionary

Answer(s): A
Given an input vector of features, a Random Forests model performs a classification task and
ends in a tie. How does the model handle this outcome?

A. The model wil be rebuilt
B. A winner is chosen at random
C. The tree that caused the tie is discarded