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  • Updated On: 17-Oct-2020

What is one method that is used to verify an ESRS configuration?

A. Proxy server authentication
B. RSA authentication
C. Trigger an SNMP trap test
D. Send an e-mail verification

Answer(s): D

When you are setting up ESRS, it sends a verification to an Email address. For some reason if
that doesn't work then you can get EMC support personnel to put their user/password using
RSA verification

A storage administrator wants to configure a system to join the list of arrays remotely monitoring
for activity and system status using Central. The security policy on the Unishpere server is set to
"automatic". What additional security information must be specified in the Unispered Settings
window to enable communication with Unisphare Central?

A. Unisphere Central IP address and Central Hash
B. Unisphere Central IP address and login credentials Hash
C. Unisphere Central Hash and challenge phrase
D. Unisphere Central Hash and login credentials

Answer(s): A

A system administrator has asynchronous remote replication configured between a pair of
systems and replications currently operating normally. When the administrator views a
replication session on the Unisphere Session page for session the destination system, which
option is available when viewing "More Actions"?

A. Failover with sync
B. Failover
C. Pause
D. Sync

Answer(s): A

A storage administrator is configuring a storage pool on a Unity system containing Flash disks
and SAS disks. What tier will the system assign to each of the disk types?

A. Flash: Extreme PerformanceSAS: Performance
B. Flash: PerformanceSAS: Capacity
C. Flash: Extreme PerformanceSAS: Capacity
D. Flash: CapacitySAS: Performance

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