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  • Exam Number: E20-542
  • Provider: EMC
  • Questions: 136
  • Updated On: 27-Mar-2023

A storage administrator attempts to link a TimeFinder SnapVX snapshot to a target Storage
Group using Unisphere for VMAX. Which StorageGroups (SGs) wil be available?

A. SGs not in any Masking View
B. SGs in a Masking View
C. SGs not managed by the Optimized SLO
D. SGs managed by the Optimized SLO

Answer(s): A

A VMAX3 storage administrator notices that some devices have different FA addresses on
different ports within the same Masking View. Which setting could havebeen used to avoid this

A. Consistent LUN
B. SPC2 Port Flag
C. Dynamic LUNs
D. Cascaded Storage Groups

Answer(s): A

From an application perspective, what should be done prior to performing an SRDF restore

A. Stop accessing R1 and R2 devices
B. Stop accessing R1 devices; continue accessing R2 devices
C. Continue accessing R1 devices; stop accessing R2 devices
D. Continue accessing R1 and R2 devices

Answer(s): A

You are in a meeting with a customer describing the features of VMAX3 arrays. The customer
wants additional information about the VMAX3 factory pre-configuration.

Which objects arepre-configured at the factory?

A. Disk Groups, Data Pools, and a Storage Resource Pool
B. Storage Resource Pools and Masking Views
C. Disk Groups, Data Pools, and Storage Groups
D. Data Pools, Storage Resource Pools, and Port Groups

Answer(s): A

A VMAX3 parent Storage Group (SG) contains two child SGs: SG1 and SG2. What is a valid
Host I/O limitsetting for this configuration?

Free E20-542 Exam Questions & Answers


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