Free E20-575 Exam Braindumps

  • Exam Number: E20-575
  • Provider: EMC
  • Questions: 66
  • Updated On: 5-Dec-2022

A storage administrator is selecting Test a Copy to enable an Image Access for an XtremIO-to-
XtremIO Consistency Group. Why is Logged Access the only allowable access mode with this
type of replication?

A. Direct Access is not possible because the copy cannot be mounted on XtremIO
B. XtremIO cannot process the changes to the Journal required for Virtual Access
C. XtremIO snapshots are not host accessible when using RecoverPoint
D. XtremIO uses snapshots which are instantly promoted as the SCSI personality of the copy

Answer(s): D
Which parameter is used as the Locking ID for a RecoverPoint/EX license?

A. RecoverPoint Cluster ID
B. XtremIO Management Server number
C. Array serial number
D. RecoverPoint System IO

Answer(s): C
During the Write phase of RecoverPoint replication, when does the write splitter send an
acknowledgement back to the host that initiated the write?

A. As soon as the splitter received the write
B. After the splitter has received an acknowledgement from the RPAs
C. After the Distribution phase has completed
D. After the splitter has received an acknowledgement form the production LUN

Answer(s): A
A RecoverPoint administrator performs a Consistency Group failover to a remote copy. What
happens to the point-in- time images stored in the copy Journal after the copy becomes

A. Images are consolidated
B. Images are deleted
C. Images are replicated to the new copy Journal
D. Images are replicated to the new production Journal

Answer(s): C
Which RPA interface is used for management?