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Which con guration command needs to be executed on an Aruba Mobility Controller (MC) to forward AP statistical data to an AirWave Management Platform

  1. snmp-server
  2. ssh-server
  3. mgmt-server
  4. tunneled-node-server

Answer(s): C

An administrator con gures two Mobility Masters (MMs) for redundancy and database synchronization. Which protocol transports database information between the two MMs?

  1. VRRP
  2. AMON
  3. SNMP
  4. IPSec

Answer(s): A

A Microsoft RADIUS server is used to centralize AAA functions by a company. Upon a successful authentication lookup performed by an Aruba Mobility Controller
(MC), the administrator wants to have the RADIUS server pass back the correct post-authentication role name that the controller should apply to the user's tra c.
Which additional task must the administrator perform for the controller's con guration to implement this process?

  1. Con gure the server-derived rules on the controller.
  2. Install ClearPass's VSA le on the controller.
  3. Install Microsoft's VSA le on the controller.
  4. Enable AAA on the controller.

Answer(s): A

Refer to the exhibit.

Controllers are con gured in a cluster as shown in the exhibit. These are the network details.
A Mobility Master (MM) manages the cluster.
The cluster contains two controllers C1 and C2.
AP1 and AP2 use C1 as their Active AP Anchor Controller (A-AAC), with C2 as their Standby AA
AP3 and AP4 use C2 as their A-AAC, with C1 as their S-AAC.
User1 establishes a wireless connection via AP1, where the Active User Anchor Controller (A-UAC) assigned is C1, with C2 as the standby. What happens when
User1 roams the wireless network and eventually their session is handled by AP3?

  1. The AP3's A-AAC switches to C1, and the user's A-UAC switches to C2.
  2. The AP3's A-AAC switches to C1, and the user's A-UAC remains on C1.
  3. The AP3's A-AAC remains on C2, and the user's A-UAC switches to C2.
  4. The AP3's A-AAC remains on C2, and the user's A-UAC remains on C1.

Answer(s): D

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