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Which of the following should be the PRIMARY consideration for an enterprise when prioritizing
IT projects?

A. Results of IT performance benchmarks against competitors
B. Impact on the business due to expected project outcomes
C. Technical capability of the enterprise to execute the projects
D. Process owner expectations based on operational benefits

Answer(s): B
Senior management finds that too many projects are currently in-progress and all are
experiencing expensive project overruns due to lack of resources. Many of the projects also
appear to overlap in their objectives and expected outcomes. Which of the following would
BEST streamline the process of evaluating and selecting funding priorities?

A. Portfolio management
B. Value governance
C. Project management
D. Business case development

Answer(s): D
The CEO of a large enterprise has announced the commencement of a major business
expansion that wil double the size of the organization. IT wil need to support the expected
demand expansion. The CIO should FIRST:

A. update the IT strategic plan to align with the decision.
B. recruit IT resources based on the expansion decision.
C. review the resource utilization matrix.
D. embed IT personnel in the business units.

Answer(s): C
Portfolio management in a large enterprise BEST enables which of the following?

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