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Which git sub command copies a local commit to a remote repository? (Specify ONLY the sub
command without any path or parameters.)

A. clone

Answer(s): A
Which of the following statements regarding microservices are true? (Choose three correct

A. Microservices facilitate the replacement of the implementation of a specific functionality.
B. Microservices applications are hard to scale because microservice architecture allow only
one instance of each microservice.
C. Integration tests for microservices are not possible until all microservices forming a specific
application are completely developed.
D. Interaction between microservices can be slower that the interaction of similar components
within a monolithic application.
E. Within one application, individual microservices can be updated and redeployed independent
of the remaining microservices.

Answer(s): C, D, EQUESTION: 3
Which statements are true regarding databases during the deployment of a new release of a
service using canary deployment? (Choose two correct answers.)

A. Changes to the database schema can take long and reduce the database performance.
B. Traffic to the database wil significantly increase because of the additional service instance.
C. The database schema must be compatible to all running versions of a service.
D. The database is locked while its content is copied to the canary database.
E. Canary deployments require two synchronized instances of each database.

Answer(s): B, EQUESTION: 4
A declarative Jenkins pipeline contains the following excerpt:

parameters {
string (name: `TargetEnvironment', defaultValue: `staging', description:

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