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A. register
B. return
C. output
D. result
E. set_fact

Answer(s): A
Reference: 21
Which of the following functions are provided by the Ansible apt module? (Choose two correct

A. Update an installed package to the latest version.
B. Update the list of available packages from configured repositories.
C. Re-compile an installed package from the source code.
D. Add the URL of a new repository to the package manager configuration.
E. Install a dpkg based Linux distribution on an empty target system.

Answer(s): B, E
Reference: 22
What statement is true regarding the Swarm service created by the following command?

docker service create --name myweb --network webnet --mode global nginx

A. It runs exactly one time in the Swarm and cannot be scaled.
B. It runs exactly once on each node in a Swarm.
C. It runs on one node by default and can be scaled to an arbitrary number of replicas.
D. It runs on all nodes which provide the network webnet.
E. It runs only on those nodes which support the network type global.

Answer(s): CQUESTION: 23
Which of the following mechanisms are used for service discovery in a container environment?
(Choose two correct answers.)

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