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  • Updated On: 11-May-2021

Topic 1, Volume A


How can you "throttle" SnapValue updates and baseline transfers so that the primary or
secondary is not transmitting data as it can?

A. Use the -k option in the snapvault start or snapshot modify commands.
B. SnapVault does not support throttling of network throughout.
C. Use the snapvault throttle command.
D. Use the -k option in the snapvault initialize command.
Answer(s): DQUESTION: 2
Node 1 in a clustered pair detects that it has lost connectivity to one of its disk shelves. Node 1
is stil up, but it cannot see one of its disk shelves. However, the partner node, Node 2, can see
all of the Node 1's disk shelves. Which feature will cause Node 2 to monitor this error condition
for a period of three minutes by default, and then forcibly take over Node 1 if the error condition

A. Auto enable of giveback
B. Negotiated Fail Over
C. Takeover on panic
D. Cf.quickloop.enable
Answer(s): BQUESTION: 3
In Data ONTAP, the root user is exempt from those two quotas: ______________. (Choose

A. User quotas
B. Tree quotas
C. Root quotas
D. Group quotas
E. File quotas

Answer(s): A,DQUESTION: 4
Which two Volume SnapMirror (VSM) relationship are supported? (Choose two)

A. Data ONTAP 8.0.2 64-bit -->Data ONTAP 8.1 64-bit
B. Data ONTAP 8.0.2 32-bit --> Data ONTAP 8.0.2 64-bits
C. Data ONTAP 7.3.2 32-bit --> Data ONTAP 8.1 64-bit
D. Data ONTAP 7.3.2 32-bit --> Data ONTAP 8.0.2 64-bit