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Concentrator location is done during which phase?

  1. RF design
  2. Detailed design
  3. Digital twin creation
  4. X-Haul design

Answer(s): D

5G transport network is a combination of three transport components.
What are those 3 units?

  1. Access Midhaul - Metropolitan/Core - Access Fronthaul
  2. Access Backhaul - Metropolitan/Core - Backbone Core
  3. Access Fronthaul - Metropolitan/Core - Access Midhaul
  4. Access Midhaul - Metropolitan/Core - Mobile Access

Answer(s): B

When is a non-standalone deployment needed?

  1. When you need 4G RAN to provide all 5G services
  2. When you need 56 RAN to provide all 5G services
  3. When you need to have interworking between 4G and 5G core
  4. When deploying 5G RAN but want to use 4G core

Answer(s): A

Which of the following is NOT a functionality of Network Slice Selection Function (NSSF)?

  1. Takes care of mapping slice specific identifiers.
  2. Determines the candidate AMFs to be used to serve the UE.
  3. Selects the slices to which the UE can connect.
  4. Provides policies directly to the UPF for implementation, in the form of slices.

Answer(s): D

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