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  • Updated On: 20-Oct-2020

Which type of adversary would commit cybercrimes with the authorization of their country's

A. state-sponsored
B. hacktivist
C. gray hat
D. white hat

Answer(s): AQUESTION: 2
When a company chooses to deploy a branch location with antivirus software, which risk model
are they using to manage risk?

A. limiting
B. assuming
C. trasnferring
D. avoiding

Answer(s): AQUESTION: 3
Which option describes a characteristic of a distributed denial-of-service attack?

A. uses multiple types of malware to corrupt system services
B. uses a single remote host to delete data from multiple target servers
C. uses a single remote host to flood a target network with traffic
D. uses a botnet to flood traffic to a target network

Answer(s): DQUESTION: 4
What is a component of a public key infrastructure?

A. Key Distribution Center
B. KDC ticket
C. SSH key
D. certificate authority

Answer(s): DQUESTION: 5
From which resource can a Palo Alto Networks firewall get URL category information for URLs
whose categories cannot be found on the firewall?

A. App-ID database

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