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After a project was delivered, the business analyst learns of a project objective with no associated requirement. What would have helped determine this issue before delivery?

  1. Context diagram
  2. Use cases
  3. Tracing requirements
  4. Process flow

Answer(s): C


A business analyst is conducting a cost-benefit analysis of potential solution options. The stakeholders have indicated that the estimated growth rate is very important to them.

Which technique will allow the business analyst to determine this information?

  1. Net present value (NPV)
  2. Payback period
  3. Return on investment (ROI)
  4. Internal rate of return

Answer(s): A

During user acceptance testing, a defect is logged by a user from a department that did not participate in the requirements analysis. To avoid this situation and minimize impact on the project, the user should have been:

  1. interviewed to understand how the user’s work would be impacted.
  2. involved in the development and sign-off of the business requirements.
  3. given the opportunity to review the user acceptance test scripts.
  4. identified as a stakeholder as part of the stakeholder analysis.

Answer(s): D

A business analyst is reviewing a discrepancy report after a test session. The discrepancy report has revealed a defect that the business analyst must address.

Which of the following criteria should the business analyst use to identify the appropriate response to the defective test result?

  1. Perform an impact analysis and open a change request to include the revised requirement in the next baseline.
  2. Inspect the requirements traceability matrix to verify if the requirement is connected to a use case.
  3. Determine if the defect is in the solution developed, in the original requirement or in the test case.
  4. Verify that the corresponding requirement was appropriately signed off by the requesting stakeholder.

Answer(s): C


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Sultan 9/23/2023 11:54:44 AM
Q- 91(During a requirements workshop, sponsors and managers from different departments express varying points of view and priorities about the product’s functions and requirements. The business analyst struggles with facilitating the group to reach an agreement. What should the business analyst have defined to avoid this? The correct answer is A NOT B. Because here we are taking about BA not PM.