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Universal Containers wants to equip their field technicians with access to helpful information when they are in the field. What solution should a Consultant recommend to satisfy this requirement?

  1. Attachments on Cases.
  2. Knowledge Base on Cases.
  3. Custom Links on Work Orders.
  4. Knowledge Base on Work Orders.

Answer(s): D

Universal Containers has enabled Field Service Lightning and is looking to enable Entitlements for Work Orders. What should a Consultant take into consideration?

  1. Managing page layouts and milestone trackers can be done in salesforce1.
  2. Creating Entitlements for Cases and Work Orders must be separated.
  3. Managing page layouts and validation rules can be done in Salesforce Lightning.
  4. Creating Entitlements for Work Orders requires Lightning to be enabled.

Answer(s): B

Universal Containers wants to help their dispatchers determine the length of time a Work Order should last. What should the Consultant implement to help achieve this goal?

  1. Work Types with an Estimated Duration.
  2. Operating Hours for Customer Accounts.
  3. Work Orders with Operating Hours.
  4. Work Types with Service Level Agreement.

Answer(s): A

Universal Containers' (UC) Technicians often report seeing competitor's assets when on-site. UC would like to run a report on which of their customers have competitive assets. How should a Consultant recommend meeting this requirement using the Field Service mobile app?

  1. Manually create a competitor's Asset Record on the Field Service mobile app.
  2. Use a Quick Action to create a competitor Asset Record on the Field Service mobile app.
  3. Use a Quick Action to create a Note to explain the competitor's Asset and attach it to the Work Order.
  4. Use a Macro to create a competitor Asset Record on the Field Service mobile app.

Answer(s): B

Free FSL-201 Exam Questions & Answers


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