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  • Updated On: 17-Oct-2020

C_TSCM42_ 65
What features related to process orders can be used to fulfil Good Manufacturing Practices
(GMP) requirements? (Choose three)

A. Availability check
B. Digital signature
C. Resource selection
D. Electronic batch record
E. Approved master recipes

Answer(s): B, D, E
Which of the following statements about consumption are correct? (Choose two)

A. Consumption takes place on the material level between the planned independent
requirements and the planned orders.
B. Consumption parameters (consumption mode and consumption interval) can be set in the
material master or in the MRP group.
C. Consumption is restructured with the planning run.
D. Consumption can take place between order reservations and planned independent
requirements, depending on the strategy.

Answer(s): B, D
Where can you define the valid receivers for production order costs?

A. In the valuation variant
B. In the production scheduling profile
C. In the settlement profile
D. In the costing variant

Answer(s): C
When analyzing the SAP ECC order report for a planned order for a finished product, you
discover that one of the assemblies wil not be available in time for the scheduled final assembly
because of automatic forward scheduling.

Which planning procedure do you use to create a feasible production plan from a requirements
planning perspective?

A. Interactive single-item planning for the delayed assembly
B. Multi-level single-item planning with the "simulation mode" option
C. Total planning online
D. Multi-level single-item planning with the "display material list" option


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