Free CIS-HR Exam Braindumps

An HR Admin without the System Admin role can do what? (Choose three.)

  1. Grant roles to users or groups
  2. Modify the HR Administration > Properties
  3. Reset user passwords
  4. Create HR Criteria
  5. Configure business rules
  6. Add users to groups

Answer(s): A,C,F

When does the platform assign a Client Role to a user?

  1. Client Roles must be manually added to each employee record
  2. When an HR Profile is created or modified for the employee
  3. Client Roles are automatically added with Group membership
  4. When a User record is created for the employee

Answer(s): B

If you wanted someone to administer the Employee Service Center without granting them the HR Admin role, which scoped Admin role would they need?

  1. Service Portal Admin [sn_hr_sp.admin]
  2. Widget Admin [sn_hr_widget.admin]
  3. Employee Files Admin [sn_hr_ef.admin]
  4. Integrations Admin [sn_hr_integrations.admin]

Answer(s): A

Which of the following applications is installed with the Human Resources Scoped App: Core plugin?

  1. Employee Service Center
  2. Employee Document Management
  3. Lifecycle Events
  4. HR Case Management

Answer(s): A

When the Lifecycle Events application is installed, the LE Admin role is granted to which role?

  1. HR Admin [sn_hr_core.admin]
  2. It is not added to other roles
  3. HR Basic [sn_hr_core.basic]
  4. HR Manager [sn_hr_core.manager]

Answer(s): A