Free CSA Exam Braindumps

A Service Catalog may include which of the following components?

  1. Order Guides, Exchange Rates, Calendars
  2. Order Guides, Catalog Items, and Interceptors
  3. Catalog Items, Asset Contracts, Task Surveys
  4. Record Producers, Order Guides, and Catalog Items

Answer(s): D

On the knowledge base record, which tab would you use to define which users are not able to write articles to the knowledge base?

  1. Can Contribute
  2. Cannot Author
  3. Cannot Contribute
  4. Cannot Write
  5. Read Only

Answer(s): C


Which features allow you to update multiple records at one time? (Choose two.)

  1. List Editor
  2. Field Update Action
  3. Bulk Record Update
  4. Data Remediation Dashboard
  5. Update Selected Action

Answer(s): A,B


Categories in the knowledge base, by default, can be created and edited by which knowledge workers? (Choose two.)

  1. Knowledge Authors
  2. Knowledge Contributors
  3. Knowledge Controller
  4. Knowledge Managers
  5. Knowledge Category Managers
  6. Knowledge Submitters
  7. Knowledge Owners
  8. Knowledge Taxonomy Owner

Answer(s): B,D

Reference:, categories%20when%20editing%20an%20article

Which collaboration tool opens a sidebar and allows you to create new conversations with other ServiceNow users?

  1. Skype Now
  2. Collaborate Now
  3. Agent Messenger
  4. Agent Chat
  5. Connect Chat

Answer(s): E